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Automated Opener

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Aerator Funnel

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Why Vinea?

Vinea Wine's accessories solve the main issue of enjoying a glass of wine at night: taking the cork out of the bottle. We have spent countless hours and numerous patents to allow the user a simplistic approach to opening a bottle of wine.

Our funnel provides the guaranteed benefit of knowing there will never be any spillage or messes to clean up when pouring the perfect glass.

A lightweight, stainless steel wine bottle cap is what every household needs to keep their wine fresh for longer. No more worries of oxidation within 48 hours.

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Bottle Stopper

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Stackable Wine Rack

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The bottle opener makes the hassle of popping the cork out, well, not a hassle!

Brian Shoemaker

Perfect for parties! I purchased the bottle opener and funnel, easy to use and no wine spills. Amazing!

Karen Jennings

My wife loves how easy it is now to open a wine bottle and the stopper is a sleek design for our wine collection

Terrance Jones

The 10-bottle wine rack was the perfect addition to my dining room!

Julie Fray